Qui suis-je?

I am Sedami Gnidehou, born in Benin in sub-Saharan Africa where I did my school studies. From my birth in a family of conquering leaders and 4 immigration movements (a first at 14 years old from Benin to Ivory Coast and from Ivory Coast to Benin the same year to escape the school and university social movements that risked costing me a school year; a second from Benin to France to pursue university studies and finally from France to Canada), I am an ambitious, pragmatic, rigorous woman capable of navigating with lots of resilience and wisdom in probably various environments. I have a deep desire to be an inspiration to young people. This leads me to engage socially and professionally on themes that seek to provide solutions to social issues. With the objective of living in a community where the notions of equity, diversity and inclusion are respected; I participate in the improvement of the human condition through my teaching, my research and in particular in the field of community health.

Finally, I define myself as a professional science educator in search of innovation. These principles are translated into my role as an educator, my transfer of knowledge, my research interests focused on the training of future competitive leaders and global health and especially in the training of black youth in the university community and outside.